There are several ways to fix student loan debt problems. None of them could be defined as “quick.”


According to a report released by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in February, student loan debt has climbed to $1.16 trillion. While still a distant second to U.S. mortgage debt ($8.17 trillion), it now exceeds the total value of every U.S. car loan ($955 billion), all credit card debt ($700 billion) and all home equity loans ($510 billion). It's also just shy of all the money ($1.3 trillion) the Federal Reserve has in circulation. If that student loan debt grows by another $33 billion, as it did last quarter, every dollar bill and handful of spare change in the country couldn't pay it.

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Jason Hartman has made his fortune investing in real estate and helping others do the same. Now he shares his "Refi Till You Die" plan for big gains and best of all it's tax-free. It's what all the big real estate moguls like Donald Trump do with their properties and it's what you should be doing too. Depending upon the appreciation rate of your property, interest rates and other factors, you can substantially increase your wealth accumulation rate by following Jason's plan. Of course always consult your accountant, attorney and financial planner before you act.  

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Worst PM sentiment in two decades (today's article)




Fed's next move - EASING!  Durable goods orders/API data/global trade data/Japan-China PMIs, and interest rates plunging anew.  And strong dollar killing U.S. industry.


Officially historic stock (and bond) bubbles


Vote to arm Ukraine - geopolitical tension off the charts

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Andrew Zatlin runs a Big Data firm called Moneyball Economics, and he’d like to share with you how vices – such as escort prices, gambling and alcohol consumption – predict economic growth. You’ll be surprised to learn how much the Las Vegas hospitality union has in common with prostitutes.


Zatlin has been featured in the Wall Street Journal because his forecasts are “knocking it out of the park.” Business Insider also dubbed Zatlin’s economic “Vice Index” as “incredibly accurate.”

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