We spoke with Mark Skousen, founder of FreedomFest. Mark has been teaching courses at California Based Chapman University, which has become a leading institution of higher learning. It was gratifying to hear that the student body is predisposed to free markets and free thought, unlike so much of academia today. Mark contrasted them with his students at Mercy College in New York who were much more likely to support government programs and intervention in the marketplace. Perhaps there's hope. 

This year's FreedomFest is also shaping up nicely. More debates are on tap and the Moore-Krugman debate is attracting quite a bit of attention. It promises to be the highlight of the event. We can't wait to see it and Mark will be the moderator. It will be the shoot-out at the Mises Corral. 

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We caught up with Ned Schmidt today and the word of the day is Peak Food! A recent paper released showed that many crops, while their production is still increasing, are requiring more and more input and their yields per acre aren't rising as fast as they once were. This doesn't mean famine is coming to the world, rather it means that food prices will be going much higher in the years to come and a higher percentage of incomes will be devoted towards food, where possible. Proits of food producers and related companies will also tend to go higher. 

We also discussed precious metals. Ned hasn't seen a better "set-up" for gold and silver since 2009. The gold to S&P ratio is extremely favorable as is the gold to silver ratio. This could mean a big move for the sector is on the way. But then again, we've been disappointed far too many times in the past to remain unskeptical. 

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