John writes, "Global capital is looking for a place to hide. But after decades of enthusiastic currency creation and financial engineering, there’s way too much of it for any one country to accommodate. This mismatch between money knocking at the door and available space is leading the handful of remaining safe havens to put up “no vacancy” signs in order to avoid being swamped. Among the things they’re trying is negative interest rates. That is, if you want to deposit money in a Swiss or Danish bank or lend money to the Japanese or German governments you now have to pay them for the privilege.

This sounds a little crazy, and from a historical perspective it is indeed highly unusual. But it’s exactly what you’d expect in a world of ever-increasing debt and ever-more-exotic financial speculation: Too much bad paper gets created which eventually blows up, causes instability and leads worried investors to value return of capital over return on capital. They all pile into whatever seems most likely to still exist a decade hence, forcing (or enabling) the managers of those assets to charge rather than pay interest."

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Dave Barnett has found the key to investing locally and profitably. Find local entrepreneurs who need capital and either don't want to deal with a bank or who are priced out of the small business loan market. Dave has been making loans to small business owners in his area for years and has only had one bad loan during that time. Now he's got a referral network that keeps the deals flowing. He show;s you how to do it too in his book Invest Local

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Our guest and friend Woody O'Brien joined us for a wide ranging discussion about what's happening with the world economy and the oil patch. He sees oil going back up in price at some point because the so-called surplus is just not great enough to keep the price down for long. Also he's extremely bullish on cyber-security and loves the HACK etf. As always he's bullish on food, because of rising population and the fondness of humanity for 3 squares a day. And as usual he's down on the banksters for putting the world in the current mess it finds itself in as today. There's so much more. Woody has a talent for cutting through the bull. 

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According to the Survival Doctor James Hubbard, the vaccine critics are all wet. The science behind vaccines is well established and beyond repute. Before the measels vaccine, approximately 1000 Americans per year died of this illness. Once vaccination became near universal that number went down to zero. In addition, Dr. Hubbard says the fears of adjutants and preservatives used to store and suspend the vaccine agents have been completely disproven and have only been kept alive due to the power of the Internet. But you need to be the judge. 

We also discussed how one needs to react to life threatening situations. Because the average person has not received medical training and is not prepared for such events, the odds are panic will set in when confronted with these situations. The key is preparation. Only by preparing can we expect to avoid the onset of panic to stressful, traumatic situations. 

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