Goldmoney's Director of Research Alasdair MacLeod stopped by yesterday to give us an update on what's happening in Europe. Since he's based in the UK and he's beholden to no one, he's got a great perspective on things and they're not pretty. Seems the Greek Government has been taken over by a group of determined adolescents. Their solution to everything is, when in doubt spend more money that you don't have. Raise the minimum wage, increase bankrupt pension payments, hire more civil servants to do nothing and on and on. The very same behavior that has caused the crisis across the globe. And of course they're expecting a different outcome a la Krugman. Good luck on that one! 

And Alasdair explains that this will no doubt lead to an exit from the Euro and it's spawning similar movements in Spain, Italy and elsewhere. The failure of leadership is nearly universal and the results will be catastrophic. More good news for your weekend. Buy gold and silver and forget about it!

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John Manfreda is convinced that oil prices will return to and exceed their former highs, sooner rather than later. Whether he's right or wrong, there are some screaming buys among the downtrodden sector in the stock market. As usual the baby has been thrown out with the bath water. There's some dividend plays that would bring a smile to Benjamin Graham's long withered face. John tells you all about them. 

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Howard Davidowitz lists a half dozen more stores that are in bankruptcy or closing down, including such names as Radio Shack, Jones New York, Izod and Delia's with many more on the way. The economy is sinking and the White House is doing nothing but doubling the debt and increasing the number of people living in poverty. Howard calls it crackpot economics. The American People gave the Democrats a failing report card in the last election and Obama and the Party are in denial. Howard says the Democrats can't even negotiate with him. He listens to no one, except perhaps Al Sharpton. And it's no better overseas with the latest defeat Yemen. Which explains why Obama and Biden have never had jobs. Obama and the teachers' unions cannot and will not be evaluated. 

Land of the Malls No More

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