Rob Kirby is first and foremost a seeker of truth. He sees that the globalist system is a method of enslaving humanity. Key to that system was the Euro. With the death of the Euro becoming more likely by the day, he believes that extremely tough times are ahead for all of us. Soon the dominos will begin to fall and it will end with the dollar. Everyone needs to be prepared for this eventuality. 

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John  LeBoutillier and I discussed the latest scandal in New York and its affect upon the political future of the state. John believes that we need a full time legislature and that outside income for the state assembly and senate should be eliminated. This would shut down the major source of corruption. We also discussed the emergence of Scott Walker as the leading Republican presidential contender. John is worried that he won't sustain attacks from Jeb Bush's vicious campaign team. However Walker beat Wisconsin's public unions and the leftist courts, so there's hope that he'll make it. The real question is whether he can beat the mainstream media and that remains to be seen. 

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Whatever it Takes Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:


                -today's Eurogroup emergency meeting

                -yesterday's lie of bailout extension, not happening

                -Russia to rescue?  


Euro       -Grexit will NOT be good for Euro, will destroy it

                -explosion of Syriza-like parties in PIIGS

                -all will want secession from Euro, debt writeoffs



                -Getting rid of all tariffs


Baltic Index

                -all  time low today


Oil prices

                -plunging again, after failed deadcat bounce

                -NFP report had just 1,900 energy job losses!  Need to discuss this ridiculous report



                -all goes back to 4/11/13 Obama/TBTF meeting

                                -claim employment and inflation are key goals (as well as stock market, of course)

                                -fake data, rig markets, and of course attack gold

                                -no correlation with reality, such as tomorrow's expected negative retail sales number                  


Mining Armageddon

                -KGC got ball rolling last night with catastrophic report

                -by next week, nearly all PM majors will report

                -production will collapse


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