Aaron Clarey has taken on a new and unlikely mission, releasing the Black Man from poverty. His new book The Black Man's Guide Out of Poverty is due to be released shortly. What are his keys to achieving this result? Quite simple actually, stay out of trouble with the law, entrenpreneurship and get away from trouble makers. Seems simple and many of his clients at Asshole Consulting are Black and have hopefully already taken this advice to heart. 

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Robert and I discuss our weight-loss journeys and how we got serious about restoring our health. It all started with a recognition that something was wrong and that if we didn't change it, we were going to have major health problems down the road. Then a visit to the doctor, some medication, major lifestyle changes and presto weight-loss and our lives have changed for the better. 

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We sat down with Michelle Seiler-Tucker to discuss the Vaccine debate. For many years children have been forced to receive vaccinations against many diseases. Lately many people have been opting out of the program and once extinct childhood diseases have come raging back. The question is, should parents have the right to decide whether their children should receive these vaccines? Michelle comes down on the side of parental choice. 

And speaking of choice, there's no better choice to decide to your financial freedom than owning your own business, which Michelle is an expert. But you're almost always better buying an existing profitable business than starting one from scratch. Something else to think about. 

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Jordan Goodman is known for his commonsense attitude towards personal finance. He's always looking to help you get that extra edge, whether it's helping you pay your mortgage off decades early or getting extra yield in the safest possible way. He says that low oil prices and the crisis in Europe insure that the dollar's value is going to continue going up. So you need to think outside the box to insure that the value of your investments is stable and to keep on earning healthy returns. He has answers which is why he's called Americas Money Answers Man. 

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Barry Stuppler has been selling precious metals and rare coins for decades. Last year he achieved a major milestone in getting both houses of Congress and the President to pass a major piece of anti-counterfeiting legislation that will help stem the flow of phony precious metals. And it's just in time too, because the market for gold and silver has been heating up since the 1st of the year. With the Euro crisis, Greece, the unpegging of numerous currencies and lots of other trends, currencies are getting riskier by the day. It's no wonder that demand for bullion is going up. 

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