We talked with Professor Car Schramm today about the state of New York State and it's a real scandal. The once Empire State is a mere shadow of its former self. And no wonder, the inmates are running the asylum. With the recent indictment of Sheldon Silver, arguably the most powerful politician in New York, a web of corruption and self-dealing has been uncovered, which was obvious for years to all but the most uninterested. We also talked about Carl's new book about entrepreneurship, which promises to be quite interesting. 

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We spoke with Tom Cloud today about the state of the world precious metals markets. Things continue to tighten up as prices rise. The Swiss evidently have been tightening their relations with the Chinese and their act of breaking the peg to the Euro could have been part of that relationship. We'll tell more as we know more, but it's an interesting aspect to the story that's been completely ignored by the mainstream media. 

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Whatever it takes with Andrew Hoffman:


FOMC today

collapsing commodities, economic data worldwide

Greece freefall, ready to implode Europe

                - where are derivative fears?  Will ECB just print them away?

surging dollar crushing earnings

                - when will China de-peg

surging physical pm demand to start year

                -yen gold touched all-time high earlier this week, several others close

Canada downward revision of 2014 jobs data - u.s. next

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