Mike Gazzola has made millions buying and selling foreclosures. He's found a way for anyone, anywhere in the country/world to do it remotely. He likes Florida because their online public records are easily accessible and extremely detailed. He's got a system that makes it simple and it doesn't matter how much money you start with. People are doing it right now as we speak!

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Bill Glynn sees unbridled cyber warfare in 2015. The amount of damage that can be inflicted by just one determined hacker is almost incalculable. He believes what was done to Target and Home Depot is just a warm-up act compared to what's going to happen next. The government is going to dump a trillion dollars into the defense sector in an effort to avert this disaster. Will it be enough? 

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Danielle joined us after the holiday hiatis. It's amazing how quickly the credit bust is picking up steam. As Danielle has said, "It's like an escalator when it starts up and it becomes an elevator when it goes down." Perhaps it's becoming an out of control elevator, with the trillions in derivatives that are circulating now. The question is when will it reach crisis proportions? Stay tuned to find out!

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Telling It Like It Is Tuesday with Andrew Hoffman:

  • Gold reaching record highs in most currencies;
  • Oil and base metals sinking;
  • Most of world's currencies collapsing;
  • Silver production will crater as base metal production does;
  • We told you so!
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