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This gold bear has gray hair, its teeth falling out, has bad eyesight, joints are hurting after two years. It's highly unlikely that the sector can go any lower. The gold mining sector has probably hit bottom. The number of mining stocks hitting lows has probably hit bottom. The Chinese economy is on the upswing too. Rather than raising taxes and increasing regulation like the United States, they are cutting regulations and taxes to stimulate the economy. The non-grains are very strong. Beef prices are going up until March or April. Cotton is going up. The grains are down right now until early spring. Ned is a major supporting of GMO foods. He believes they're extremely important to increasing crop yields and animal production for the sake of feeding humanity. 

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We caught up with our old friend Bill Murphy of Gata.org. He believes that the latest budget deal in Congress is motivated by fear. They have perhaps the lowest approval rating in the nation and for good reason. As Mark Twain said, they're a permanent criminal underclass. Bitcoin has blasted off to the moon making many early entrants rich, while gold and silver have been totally supressed. Bill is looking forward to seeing many of you at the Liberty Mastermind Symposium on February 21-22 in Las Vegas. 

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