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Since the beginning of the year, the stock market has been on fire. Much of it is liquidity driven, leading to mal-investment on a grand scale. The MLP (Master Limited Partnership) sector has large dividend distributions and and good cash flow, so yield driven investors have flocked to it. More companies will be converting to this type of ownership, so you need to be very quality conscious. In comparioson, the mining sector isn't looking so well, with precious metals prices falling below the costs of production. Other factors are at work and caution is the by-word. 

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When government sticks its nose into the economic tent there are always winners and losers. Unfortunately, by the time you figure out which one you are, the law of unintended consquences may have already had its way with you. Kent Runyon runs a Detox facility in Florida. As of this date, he's uncertain what affect the law will have on his business. The rules are unclear, what will be paid for and what won't be is a mystery. If even the health care players in the market don't know where they stand at this point in time, then there's certainly no way for you to know either. 

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Blaine Stimac runs a network of physical therapy clinics in Montana. He's concerned about the impending Obamacare implementation. He sees majr problems ahead. Increased demand for service, lack of clear direction, increased red tape and major cost overruns to name just a few. All things considered, there's plenty of trouble ahead and no doubt the act will be repealed or dramatically altered. 

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Jamie Wolf had a problem. Her corporate career ended and she had a daughter with chronic health problems. This led her to start a business helping similarly situated parents deal with their children's special needs. Now Jamie helps people start their lives over as entrepreneurs. She believes that starting your own business doesn't need to be risky, but you've got to get the necessary skills to make it all work. First and foremost, you need to make sure that there's a market for your product or service.  This especially applies to returning GI's that the administration would like to turn into small businessmen. 

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