Jeff Kass was one of the first reporters on the scene of the Columbine mass shooting. What he saw there set him on a journey in an effort to understand how something like this could occur. While he doesn't claim to totally understand the incident, he did discover that there were definite warning signs that were largely ignored by the school administrators and law enforcement. Perhaps today those signs would be taken seriously and an effort would be made to prevent another tragedy. We can only hope. 

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Bix Weir was back talking about the machinations behind the world's rigged markets. Every day the paper price of gold and silver becomes less and less relevant. Soon the only thing that will matter is how much physical you've got in your pocket or in safekeeping. The market prices that you see plastered all over your tv screen and your computer monitor exist simply to make people believe that objective economic law and reality don't exist. Which means that you cannot afford to be fooled by the algorithms. Physical metal equals truth!

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According to Jim Willie we're suffering from treachery, which means deep criminality lodged and laced within the USGovt financial ministry it means the embodiment of the Fascist Business Model tied into the entire system it means big bank crimes continue with impunity and protectionbond fraud, rigged markets, naked gold shorts, flash crashes, narco money laundering criminal element behind the entire housing & mortgage bubble & bustEast organizing, developing platforms, building new support systems, designing protocol East ready to displace and isolate the USDollar system, the ticket to devaluation and 3WEast reacts to predatory banker actions and hegemony, with war to support the system. So you need to have a plan. 

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