Barry Stuppler took a few moments away from his staggering sales load to update us on the latest precious metals smack down. Barry explains that all of this has been done before. A failing fiat currency always requires the central bank to create the illusion that paper has value and metal is undesirable. Based on Barry's increased level of bullion sales, the public ain't buying it. I guess you can only be deceived so much before you wise up and do the only logical thing, which is buy gold and silver with two hands! 

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We caught up with our friend Peter Grandich today. He's as concerned about the recent precious metals smackdown as you are. He questions the volume and price action that caused these extreme price drops and believes that nothing has really changed. He urges you to keep the faith and understand that this event probably portends another worldwide economic crisis. The monetary system is less stable than ever before and the ability of governments and central banks to control events diminshing by the day. That's why you need precious metals, to insure your wealth during periods of widespread economic uncertainty. 

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