Will Gates has just finished an amazing book--The Financial Tusnami. The book could have been a compendium of what we've been telling you all these years about the ultimate result of government profligacy. The Congress has absolutely no interest in fixing any of the systemic problems the country is facing. They appear to be content to watch the entire system unravel and see the world economy destroyed. It's not a question of if, but rather one of when. As we've said repeatedly, no one can give you the answer to that one. We all just have to sit back and watch. 

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Raia King had a problem. She was artistic/creative person who wanted to do more. She started helping artists and other creative types to succeed and earn a living off of their dreams. It became her calling and now she's the person that artists go to see when they want to earn a living off of pursuing their passion. Artists often believe that when they become a commercial success, they're actually selling out. Nothing could be further from the truth. When an artist succeeds, they're actually help pave the way for others artists to do the same thing. And that means a lot. 

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