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Ranting Andy Hoffman made it back for his Monday Rant. We don't let anything like national holidays get in the way of our work. It's really just a union holiday that went awry. We talked about businesses fleeing Illinois and New York for Florida, Texas and Colorado. Who needs to fight storms and storms of regulation and taxes by the likes of Nanny Bloomberg. Easier to just pick up and go to a low tax-state. This tax-induced migration is taking place all over the country and all over the world. As people escape the devaluations in Argentina and Venezuela. It's only the beginning. 

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When it comes to figuring out what's going on in the debt, currency and precious metals markets, no one is better informed or more insightful than Martin Armstrong. He's lost his freedom in pursuit of finding out the truth. Now he believes that everyone in the precious metals community, the long term buyers, are correct--just not now. With Europe and Japan heading straight down the drain, it could be several years before the dollars circles down after them. But there is no doubt that the current course is unsustainable and that the politicians don't have a clue. But there's nothing new there. The politicians are always clueless, so why should this time be different?

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Adlai Stevenson III's family has been involved in American politics since Abraham Lincoln was president. They've kept meticulous records of the family's involvement in governing the country. While his father ran for president twice and he was twice a senator from Illinois, their tenure at the levers of power reads as a virtual who's who. On a more somber note, the Senator looks at empires and their eventual decline and gives candid analysis about where the United States appears to be in the cycle. Some might not like what he has to say, but he is a gentle elder statesman who has seen it all. There's also an interesting personal perspective on Nixon's gold window closure as the Senator was in the thick of it. 

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Your host broke down and purchased a shiny new 42" Panasonice internet enabled flatscreen tv for just $499, including shipping. However, he failed to read the fine print, the set didn't come with built-in Wi-Fi. After figuring out a fix, he plugged it in and fired up the internal Netflix app. And behold, Nirvana. Instant access to tens of thousands of movies with no box or adapter. The future is here now. You can also go into YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and a host of other apps, with a zillion more on the way. We have met the future and it's internet tv. So now you can tell the evil cable giant to take a flying leap through the hole of a donut! 

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