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If it's one thing the Value Guys know how to do it, it's spotting an investment trend. They came across a new private equity fund called Privateer Holdings which has raised $7 million for investments in this heady trend. They believe that's is a major growth story in an otherwise depressed economy. They've invested in a website that rates different types of pot on a number of criteria, kind of like a Zagat's Guide for pot heads. They see nothing ahead but blue skies and green fields in this emerging industry. 

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Ranting Andy Hoffman was back for a pre-Christmas rant. He's unflappable as usual and has no fear about where the metals prices are headed. He's taken as much money out of the banking system as possible and is always seeking ways to further minimize his participation. Eventually, we'll all reach a point where it's just not practical to reduce our paper holdings any further. And that time is probably not too far off into the future. We're getting to the point where controlling the precious metals prices will just not be possible or desirable. Especially, when famed silver trader Andrew Maguire says that premiums between the paper and physical markets are going way up. 

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Boehner Helped Cost Republicans The 2012 Elections—Good Riddance

All the mainstream country club “Bow Tie” Republicans are shaking their heads and wondering. “What went wrong?” The answer is really as simple as it is overlooked. In 2010, Republicans were swept into control of the House of Representatives and were within a stone’s throw of Senate control. Were it not for a few candidates who did themselves in as well as being done in by the establishment republican types, there may well have been a tied senate. Just two years later, Obama is re-elected and the Republicans lose ground in the House and Senate. What on earth happened?

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