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Ben Bernanke makes his little announcement that neither confirms nor denies QE3, and the gold market goes down $27 in a few minutes. What shock! But there's a much bigger picture than the Big Man pretending to state something important. There's disaster all around, both domestically and especially internationally, and there's nothing he can or will do about it. He's not there to help the middle class, and he's certainly not going to help the poor. He's the servant of the elites, and they're calling all the shots. So ignore today and be ready for tomorrow. 

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To all of you out there listening, as always, a heart felt thanks. We've been at BlogWorld New York for the past few days, figuring out how to better do the show and better serve your needs. But I wanted to take a break and acknowledge the passing of our close friend, Bob Chapman, The International Forecaster. While we sent out an email to everyone on our list, we wanted to make sure that each of you understood the importance and reverance with which we held Bob. He was a clear voice of reason in a very confused and confusing time. Bob was a true friend to me, to the show, and to you. He helped so many people through difficult times in their lives, often anonymously; and, he helped prepare thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands around the globe, for the coming economic disruptions.

Bob, words alone cannot express my gratitude. May your continued journey bring you much peace and contentment--Kerry Lutz 6-7-2012

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Val Hughes and Mo Mentum put in another superb performance. They discuss layoffs at Goldman Sachs, the failure of the Facebook IPO, which became one gigantic FacePlant, and three good value stocks, gold-especially dental work. The three stocks they review in amusing and alarming detail are AmerisourceBergen Corporation (ABC), Joy Global, Inc. (JOY) and Lorillard, Inc. (LO). 

Let us know how intoxicated investing is working out for you. If you need more advice, more often The Value Guys are now a regular feature on the Financial Survival Network. Who says surviving and thriving in the New Economy shouldn't be fun?

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