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Dave Banister joins us today for an interesting chat regarding just how fast the global economy is crumbling. We talk about wave cycles and patterns and how you can figure out exactly where you fit into these current cycles and patterns. There are no signs of an economic recovery in sight. The true unemployment rate has gone done, while the food stamp and disability rates continue to climb.  As the unemployment numbers have been quoted as decreasing, the realistic reason for what's happening here is people are falling off the labor force. This decline has been matched by increasing claims for disability, and the trends are alarming. If you look at the charts for disability claims relative to history, there's quite an alarming uptrend in the last three or so years.  

While Dave and I discuss how the economy is getting worse, we also note that the fundamentals for gold are not getting worse; we know they are getting better. What we're seeing in the gold market is a lot of paper trading along with a human, behavioral response to a prior huge gold cycle. Over 34 months, gold went from $680 an ounce to $1900 an once, and last fall, gold reached a parabolic peak. So what we're seeing now is the corrective cycle of the price of gold, and the next couple months will mark the tail end of the corrective cycle. 

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Peter Grandich, well known mining stock investor, is having some bad days. The price of gold and the stocks are under attack with no let up in sight. What seemed like major bargains a few weeks ago, now seem like the buys of a lifetime. No one knows where the price of gold and silver will wind up, however, what we do know is that none of the fundamentals have changed. Governments are still behaving irresponsibly, spending way more money than they have, and printing more and more dollars out of thin air. Unemployment is up, food stamps are up, and lots of other disheartening news is on the horizon. Add to this, the weakened state of the world's major banks, and you have a prescription for political and financial chaos which will eventually boost the prices of gold and silver dramatically. So understand that the elitists are playing upon your fear, trying to get you to do the wrong thing. Peter and the Financial Survival Network are all about trying to get you to do the right thing. 

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