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If you're a person that doesn't really understand what's going on, but what you see of the current global financial world, like the first ever Japanese pension fund investing in gold, makes you fearful of your own financial survival, listen up! Andy and I touch base again this week and break down the implosion occurring in Greece. We suggest you keep your eyes on that Greece thing! Although the powers that be, aka the Elites, have done everything to make you believe what's going on with Greece is not a big deal, it is undoubtedly a foreshadowing to global calamity.
Greece is huge deal & it's coming to the forefront right now. This week it was announced the ECB is starting to cut off some of the Greek banks. This is a precursor to the inevitable, which is Greece succeeding from the Euro currency. This will not be a simple event, and it will result in reneging on hundreds of billions of debt; it will cause hyperinflation and bank runs across Europe then it will move up the totem pole to Great Britain, Japan and the US. This will cause people across the world to really question what debt means and if you can renege on it.
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