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Today I appeared on Andrew Horowitz's show, The Disciplined Investor. We discussed survival investing, which I define as allocating your assets in a way that will protect your wealth in the event of a dollar collapse or the event when major inflation besets the world financial system. While Andrew isn't a big fan of precious metals, especially silver, he did see some logic in acquiring assets that could potentially protect us again major systemic disruptions. While I wouldn't classify myself as an extreme financial-prepper, I would say my confidence, in the ability of men like the Ben Bernank and Tiny Timmy Geithner to look out for my economic well being, has been greatly shaken. 

After being forced to bailout the Too Big To Fails, I have come to the belief government is not only the problem, but it can never be the solution to the problems that it's already created. Rather, the likelihood of a global financial cataclysm increases by the day; and the gold and silver, along with certain commodities, may well be the only things left standing. So if that makes me a financial-prepper, so be it. It's a risk that I'm more than willing to take. 

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John Butler, author of The Golden Revolution, has been getting a lot of publicity and has made numerous appearances around the media circuit since our last interview. FSN can proudly take credit for being one of the first to recognize John's tremendous contribution to the gold standard debate. As John said, "This book begins where Jim Rickard's Currency Wars ends." John also had much to discuss about who's reading his book and what people are saying.

When you write a book, or reach out to the public to try to explain complicated economic and political issues, you're never sure if you're going to have an impact. However, when the Chairman of the Fed, The Ben Bernank, takes time out from his busy day to blast the gold standard, something is happening, and that something is a debate. When Nixon closed the Gold Window in 1971, there was never a debate about the possible impact of such a move. Rather, just like gold confiscation, it was done by executive fiat. This failure to debate the consequences of such hasty, pragmatic actions, has done untold damage to the world financial system and the US dollar and standard of living. 

The debate, while long in coming, will soon be fully engaged. 

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Markets and financial reporting were virtually flat in April. The only bright spot on the horizon was natural gas prices, which were up 16 percent, probably a dead cat bounce. The Dow, Nasdaq, Oil and metals prices were channel trading, but these directionless markets are usually short lived. As Mickey and I spoke, gold and silver were getting raided as usual. Employment numbers were released, and they pointed to a slight decrease in new filings. However, these monthly numbers have been shown to be completely unreliable and inaccurate; wait for the inevitable revisions to kick in. 

In other precious metals news, Copper is showing great stability, while platinum got kicked in the teeth and fell bellow gold once again. But, history shows such instances to be short-lived, and this will no doubt follow the pattern. So we'll see if the old saw, Sell in May and go away holds true this year like it has in previous ones. 

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