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Peter Grandich is probably the best mining analyst around; mainly because he's been following mining stocks for the past 30 years. Peter has a unique understanding of the mining sector, and he doesn't hesitate to state these stocks are currently in one of the worst bear markets in history. There are many reasons why, but they really defy credulity. These stocks are trading around the same level as they were when gold was selling for hundreds less per ounce. Consequently, many investors have either thrown in the towel or will shortly; this is the stuff that bottoms are made of. 

One stock I came across, which I do not own, is selling for just 1.1 time EBITDA and has a three percent dividend. Companies in productions are scoring huge profits. And the companies about to commence production are being valued as if they were beginning stage exploration plays. Every dog has its day, and these stocks will have theirs, probably sooner rather than later. After all, how much lower can they go? Every time we say this, somehow they figure out a way to go lower, but only to a point. Peter thinks that point has been reached, and we will see a turnaround sooner rather than later. 

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Chris Duane and I talked about YouTube and personal brand building. As we discussed, neither of us is doing our shows to get rich quickly. Rather, we enjoy getting the information out. Our ultimate goal is to help you understand the current economic climate. It is truly astounding there's so many people strolling along life with absolutely no comprehension of where the economy and the world are heading.

Today, YouTube/Google took down a Ron Paul channel for specious copyright infringement allegations. Google is the Federal Reserve of the internet. Without their blessing, it can quickly become impossible for any company to conduct business. How this matter eventually gets resolved will have a large impact on internet free speech, which the elitists are still trying to get control over. They've been trying to control people's driving habits for a hundred years and that hasn't worked out too well, and neither will their efforts at internet dictatorship.

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