Nick Santiago joins us today to discuss technical trading. His exceptional trading site, has been providing investment advice to help the average trader for the last five years. Santiago believes that at best, we’re in a short-term pull back mode. But soon, in the next two months or so, the dow will probably top out. Then, we’ll get a pretty sharp correction that could last a while. Ultimately, the central banks are going to deflate the banks again. If your looking at the Euro, it’s on a one-way train to the downside. The Euro’s going lower and that means the dollar’s going higher. The dollar is holding up pretty well for now. But eventually, the dollar will get deflated again. The only way the market goes up is when the dollar goes down. Now is the time to buy precious metals. You are going to want to own gold and silver. Now is the best buying opportunity we’ve had since the stock market crashed in 2008. Gold and silver are the ultimate indicators of money creation. Nick recommends buying silver. Silver is an industrial metal as well as a precious metal, and it’s cheaper than gold.

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Mickey Fulp, the Mercenary Geologist, joins us for a review of how different markets performed during the month of January 2012. If the old saw, "As January goes, so goes the year," holds true, then 2012 could be one for the record books. Platinum was up 20 percent, Gold 10 percent,  and Silver 18 percent. These are huge numbers that could be an indication of things to come or might prove to be a false indicator. The big loser for the month was natural gas down 20 percent! Warm winters in the Northeast, supply gluts, and new technology have made natural gas a perennial dud. But just like sugar, silver, and gold, remember that every dog has its day. And with oil staying up in the $100 per barrel range, it could be sooner rather than later. Time will tell, but Mickey always calls them the way he sees them.

The great news is Mickey's Market Wrap-Up will become a monthly feature at FSN, and few people are as qualified to give the opinion as the Mercenary Geologist himself.

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