I finally got a chance to sit down with Chris Martenson. I've been reading his ChrisMaternsonReport for some time now. For years he's been saying the US was going to get into some sort of credit crisis, and "Da Boyz" were going to try and print our way out of it. Chris and I agree, we are all witnessing a debt super cycle that's in the process of coming to its conclusion.

We are living in the tail end of a 40 year global credit bubble. For the past four decades, the entire world has been growing credit/debt faster than underlying economies. Economic growth is measured by GDP, but GDP is a fraudulent measure. GDP doesn't really measure the wealth creation of an economy; it measures consumption, which in our society has become synonymous with wealth. But wealth is really something totally different than consumption. Chris and I agree, the calculation of GDP should not include the effects of going into debt simply to consume. Consider, Bernie Madoff who contributed 65 billion to GDP, but now all that money has just disappeared. Same with other entities that contribute to GDP like MF global.

The government continues to print money mostly for consumption, not investment. They are just kicking the can down the road, and overstating the wealth of the economy. We cannot print our way to prosperity.

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Dr. Yaron Brook has led the Ayn Rand Institute for the past 11 years. He believes the most important debate of out time is not economic but philosophic: you are not your brother's keeper. Rather, your primary purpose is to the live the best life that you possibly can. This means being your own master and living on YOUR terms. You will be the most successful when you are the freest to pursue your goals and dreams. Unfortunately, this important debate is all but ignored during most political campaigns. Until we address this threshold issue, not much human progress will be made.

As Dr. Brook puts it, all statists and collectivists assume your purpose on Earth is to care for your brothers in need, whether you want to or not. Even the Founding Fathers made this error, and we are all still paying the price. The big problem is that this thinking is so ingrained in all of our psyches, that very few us even know we should be questioning it. However, through the work of Ayn Rand and her followers, as well as the institute, a true debate about forced altruism is now being had. And this can only be a good thing that will eventually free man from the shackles of unlimited government. 

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Chris is selling his living and dining room furniture, and he's buying silver. He started buying years ago, but now he's arbitraging the furniture; selling the old stuff for cash, using the cash to invest in silver, and buying new stuff on interest-free credit with small payments. While we can't, in good faith, recommend this move to investors, it does open up limitless  possibilities. Perhaps stripping the copper out of your home's walls, selling it for scrap and putting it into gold and silver makes sense. Or, stripping your auto for parts--most cars are worth more dead than alive--and selling them off.

You get the point, you're sitting on items that you're not using or don't want. Those items could be sold for cash, with the proceeds invested in silver or gold. Look around your home! Whether it's tools, clothes, or furniture, go on eBay or CraigsList and get rid of them now. Take the cash you get and put it to work for you. We all have vast resources that we are not aware or conscious of. The time to become aware is now.

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Jason Burack is a very savvy economic analyst who’s got his hand on the market’s pulse. He’s been following the markets for years, and he knows when a breakout is ready to occur. Jason has dedicated his life to helping you avoid getting taken by the Street. He created his company, Wall Street For Main Street, to empower the individuals and families of Main Street. He won’t hand your money over to Wall Streeters and other money managers; Burack is dedicated to teaching you how Wall Street manages money through research, risk management, and fundamental as well as technical analysis.  Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to level the playing field while taking your own best advice.

This is going to be a rocky time for all investors. However, if you’ve got the right strategy and truly understand exactly what’s going on and what that means for your investment returns, you will not only survive, but you’ll thrive in the New Economy.

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