At the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference, I caught up with an old friend of the show Kirsty Hogg. Kirsty's a gold bull and well known blogger about precious metals and protecting your wealth against the coming economic tsunami. Together we reviewed hundreds of different mining companies and went to a number of well informed company and market presentations.

While we may not agree on every company's prospects, we both agree that a gold/silver/natural resource boom is underway. Metals prices are poised to take off once again and the share prices of many miners will go along for the ride. The key is finding the right sources of information and doing your own due diligence. Two of our favorites are and Mickey Many of the stocks we reviewed are selling at tremendous discounts to the metal they have in the ground. We are firmly convinced this sector is about to take off.

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Greg McCoach believes that the Junior Gold and Silver Mining Stocks are ready to resume their upward path. He believes that gold and silver are poised for major breakouts. During the summer months and on vacations, it is not unusual to see him flying off to remote mines around the world, searching for great opportunities. He is very close with many of the mining company managers and has an excellent track record of picking winners and avoiding losers.

He took unscripted questions from the audience and showed a near encyclopedic knowledge of dozens of obscure miners, who are staking claims around the globe. He gave some great insights and was never guarded when offering his opinion. We will be posting another segment with Greg answering impromptu questions about specific companies curious investors looking for an edge. There's great information there.

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