Less than a week ago, we questioned Ron Paul's real impact upon the issues being discussed in the never ending series of debates that have left every American shaking his/her head. If the candidates were celebrities, their PR staff would have warned them against getting over exposed to their market. And as politics is often referred to as, Hollywood for the Ugly, you really have to wonder.

Now, there is clear evidence that Ron Paul has raised the bar. Candidate Newt Gingrich, who has more skeletons in his closet than a Roman Catacomb addressed a group several days ago imploring the return to a gold standard and warning of the ills of currency debasement. Will it matter? Good question  and our take is probably not, but we can always hope. And at least the proper issue about the future of America is finally being discussed. Time will tell.

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Mike "Mish" Shedlock finally made it on to FSN's distinguished guest list. While Mish is often controversial and frequently derided by other members of the prognostication class, he has a unique perspective, which is entitled to some respect. As he explains it, the massive destruction of assets, such as real estate and debt backed securities has actually led to a shrinking of the money in circulation. Even though the Monetary Base M0 has greatly expanded in recent years, none of these newly created dollars have found their way in to the money supply. The reason is simple, banks aren't lending because of the lack of credit worthy borrowers.

As a result, while governments have greatly stepped up borrowing, inflation, as he sees it, has remained subdued. Nonetheless, he believes that the declining confidence in government and the global monetary system is leading to ever increasing gold prices. He's a big gold proponent and believes that it's the place to be. While some may take issue with his take on inflation versus deflation, he appears to arrive at the right place--gold is going up.

He's got a blog at http://globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.com/ and is a registered investment advisor representative for Sitka Pacific Capital Management.

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Ayn Rand told me that there'd be days like this. In a chapter straight out of Atlas Shrugged, the mammoth Los Angeles Porn Industry is facing its biggest challenge yet. The City of Los Angeles is set to pass a law requiring all adult actors to wear condoms while producing pornographic movies. The industry is up in arms and is threatening to vacate the LA Valley for more libertarian climes. Putting aside what methods the City will use to enforce such intrusive regulation and who the lucky enforcers will be, one must wonder what the Mayor and his minions are thinking.

While the porn industry has been hit by the recession and the plethora of free internet porn spewing forth from users' computer screens, it is estimated that it stills contributes $8 billion per year to the economy. Will this be yet another industry that finds increased profits and freedom in the once People's Republic of China, or will they relocate to places that respect and honor providers of carnal pursuits, like Las Vegas. You know things are pretty bad when the solvency of a state could be hanging on the viability of the smut peddlers' tax payments.

Not that we are fans of the porn industry. This segment is responsible for much pain and suffering as well as the exploitation of young women. However, LA is not looking to ban the industry, but rather make it "safer." Obviously government regulation is unconcerned with decency or morality, but simply appearing to care about people's safety.

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