Cliff Ravenscraft a/k/a believes that every person was born to do the work they love. The hard part is listening to your heart to find your calling. But it can be done and many people are doing it every day! It can take some time and some work, along with a training period and a learning curve. Cliff tells his own story of going from a job with good income, excellent prospects and security to embarking upon the risk-laden, tumultuous journey, but then succeeding beyond his wildest expectations. 

It's not easy, because it requires faith: faith in your ability to learn, faith in your desire to grow, and faith in the belief that you have worth and that people will pay you for your knowledge. Cliff now gets $300 per hour for podcast consulting and he gets $5,000 per day for intensive sessions. He also sells large quantities of pre-configured equipment to aspiring podcasters. There are dozens of entrepreneurs out there succeeding, in large measure due to Cliff's passion to do internet "radio."

Most importantly, Cliff is business partners with his talented wife Stephanie. He says this business has brought their relationship to a whole new level. I guess the family that podcasts together stays together. In a world where 200 plus downloads is the mark of a successful podcaster, Cliff routinely defies the odds, achieving hundreds of thousands of downloads per month. 

So if you're thinking about starting your own business and you believe that podcasting is for you, The PodcastAnswerMan has all the answers. Without him the Financial Survival Network would still be a small struggling eccentric program broadcasting from the Belly of the Beast in downtown Greenwich, CT.

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Mickey Fulp, the Mercenary Geologist, says that 2012 will be a big year for gold, silver, mining companies, and commodities, including energy. Mickey knows from whence he speaks. He's been a professional freelance geologist for decades. When it comes to picking junior miners on the fast track, Mickey has a simple method of assessing their prospects. He goes to resource shows around the world, sits down with senior managers and asks the tough questions--and this is exactly what is needed. Mickey amusingly quotes Mark Twain's 100 plus year take on mining companies, "A mine is a hole in the ground with a liar standing next to it." Those words are truer today than ever before. Most new mining ventures, just like most startups end in failure. The key is picking the 10-15% that have the management expertise, ore quality, and proper capital structure.

While this sounds difficult, Mickey has been doing it forever. The other factor is buying low. Many junior miners will double and then lose 50 percent within the course of a year. So if you purchase the right company at the right time, this is a sure fire prescription for profits. Then after the company doubles, simply sell half and take your money off the table. What could be simpler?

Please send your question to or call us at 347-460-LUTZ.

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