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Dec 29, 2021

As the Fed balance sheet approaches $10 trillion, Rob Kirby and wonder how much higher this number will go. We sit down and discuss the US debt situation, which doesn’t look as if it’s going to improve any time soon. With the US Treasury increasing the debt limit and struggling to manage the circumstances, we are essentially living on borrowed money and time. Tune in for more insight.

-The Fed balance sheet is approaching $10 trillion—how much higher can it go? We’ll probably find out in the near future
-The US Treasury also increased the debt limit last week
-The Fed and the treasury may encounter difficulty issuing new debt, and the upcoming debt auctions will probably be messy affairs
-We’re living on borrowed money and time
-The debt problems in the Western world are getting worse as more money gets created
-Standards of living have improved, but at the cost of our future
-Debt jubilees have historically been a fixture within finance, but no one wants to talk about the inevitability of issues that arise with this
-Precious metals have been prevented through signaling trouble
-The price of Bitcoin surpassed Gold back in September of 2020, and still exceeds it today
-Cryptocurrencies now are doing what the metals would have done
-The manipulations we see in markets are a form of wage and price controls

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