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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Sep 21, 2023

Kerry Lutz and RJ Burr discussed the importance of oil in modern society and its impact on commodity prices. Burr argued that there is no feasible replacement for oil yet and that energy is the bedrock of all society. They also discussed the impact of Trump's policies and COVID-19 on the oil industry, with Burr explaining how COVID-19 created acquisition opportunities for oil companies. The speakers emphasized the potential for long-term revenue and tax benefits of investing in oil, and recommended visiting their website for a basic education on the oil industry and tax benefits.

Additionally, Lutz and Burr discussed the benefits of buying producing fields in salt domes due to lack of competition and the fact that they were the original oil fields. They also talked about how traditional oil drilling is still effective and how they are going into fields that weren't developed and developing them. Burr explained that they drill traditional wells the same way they were drilled a hundred years ago and that they are standing behind their guarantee to answer any questions about their work. Overall, they made a compelling case for investing in oil and highlighted the advantages of doing so.

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