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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Dec 15, 2011

Gold has fallen from the mid $1700's to just under $1600 now. If you listen to the mainstream media, and we can't understand why you would, this represents the popping of the precious metals bubble. These financial know it all's are literally frothing at the mouth, they are so excited about the prospects of gold and silver having a down year. Well, in a super-bull market, there's nothing unusual about one or more down years. This situation has occurred during numerous bull markets in stocks, commodities and virtually anything else you can think of. As J.P. Morgan once quipped, "The market will tend to fluctuate." Which shows that when you know which way the market is heading, you really don't need to watch the daily price unless you're looking to buy or sell.

And through the lens of time, this moment in history will prove that if one had resources and a confident opinion, this was an excellent time to buy. Any takers?

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