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Apr 20, 2012 presents

The uber Nannies believe that your freedom is what makes the world such a messed up place. If only you could be controlled just a bit more, things would be so much better. Whether it's smoking in New York City, donating "unhealthy" food to the poor, closing nightclubs and dance halls in Weston Florida, banning lead in hunting ammo, or banning feeding and hunting of deer, freedom is lingering in the horizon. Please don't take anything for granted. Will Da Boyz be coming for your guns? Your gold? How about your IRA or 401k? Don't be surprised, these people are totalitarian statists; so long as their views are given credence and they have power to willfully impose their ideas, no one is safe! We are living in unstable and uncertain times. Statism, while running rampant, is doomed because it restricts individual rights.

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