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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Dec 29, 2011

We recently posted to the site, a site for thinking progressives. While many people view our current economic situation as one of right versus left, The Financial Survival Network has always viewed it as Man versus the State. It is not a question of government doing more, but rather an issue of government expansion. As the government grows and does more, it perpetually destroys the civil liberties that our nation was founded upon. These liberty infringements are perhaps the most disturbing aspect of our political system. While the parties espouse very noble doctrines, their actions belie their philosophy. The end result is quite clear, a totalitarian state where individual rights are subsumed by the State's drive for self-preservation and its insatiable need to expand. 

The defining issue of our time: should the rights and freedoms of the individual be paramount, or should they be subsumed by or within the state? To address this question, one must look at the manner in which all governments operate when depriving their citizens of their individual freedoms—the government always has a “noble” motive. Drugs, for instance, are illegalized; therefore, in order to prevent drug smuggling, the financial transactions of individuals must be strictly controlled and monitored. Consequently, if a computer tags you as a drug dealer and you're not, well that's just the price that must be paid to stamp out this invidious problem. The end result is as the government grows stronger, the individual becomes more enslaved.

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