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Jun 30, 2012 presents

Freedom Fest 2012 is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada at Bally's Hotel and Casino. If you're planning to attend, please send me an email at We're having a get together, with Robert Ian and other frequent guests of the show. There are at least 10 people attending Freedom Fest who make frequent appearances on the Financial Survival Network. We'll either have a lunch or a happy hour with drinks and hors d'oeuvres. 

Obamacare, if you haven't heard yet, has been affirmed by the Supreme Court. In retrospect it's not going to matter unless people finally get it through their heads that the US is losing its last vestiges of freedom. If it becomes a rallying cry and a battlefront in the war to take back our freedoms, then it will serve a constructive purpose. But if people keep watching American Idol and eating their junk food, then things will continue to get far worse, and the eventual collapse will just come all that much faster. We'll know soon enough. 

See you in Las Vegas, July 11 through July 14!

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