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Nov 17, 2021

Teslas are amazing vehicles for a multitude of reasons, but today I talk about what I consider to be their top ten qualities. From the digital usability features to its efficiency, it is a top notch investment built for the future. Tune in to hear more.

-Today, I talk about why the Tesla is amazing on so many different levels
-It has every gadget that has been created for a car, and then some
-You can control you car with your phone, or with a programmed chip—there are no keys
-You can save video footage the vehicle takes in case you get in an accident
-The vehicle has an amazing sound system
-Never having to go to a gas station again is perhaps one of the best perks
-The ride is extremely quiet and vibration free
-it has smartphone integration, and the app is constantly updated
-You can virtually control every feature of your Tesla—through your phone or the panel
-There is an autopilot feature
-The only negative factor is that if you’re doing a longer trip, the battery doesn’t hold as long

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