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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Oct 26, 2020

Election day is coming, and with it more civil unrest seems extremely likely. The New York Police Department is preparing for it. A close friend who’s a NY City Seargant has been told she’ll be working 12 hour shifts and must be on call 24/7. The New York Post has been reporting on a major exodus from the City in anticipation of the event (see here). It’s clear that NY’s governor (#KillerCuomo) and the City’s mayor (#ComradediBlasio) will do little, if anything to stop the impending riots. Heck, they’ve welcome the riots with open arms and couldn’t be more thrilled. Comrades daughter was even arrested while attacking the police. Where was the National Guard and NYC’s mounted police when they were needed most? This scenario is likely to be repeated in cities, large and small, throughout the nation. Of course Blue cities and states provide a more conducive environment to civil unrest than Red Cities and States, but no place will be exempt. During the summer riots, many Red cities in Texas, Florida, Alabama, Oklahoma and elsewhere were briefly the site of looting and rioting. Red Governors acted quickly to restore order, but the damage was done. As it becomes more and more likely, at least in my opinion, that President Trump will be re-elected, the potential for violence increases exponentially. This violence is leftist inspired and both supported and encouraged by the wealthy globalists. It has been pre-planned and orchestrated, just like during the summer. If you think there’s any validity to the suspicions above, than now is the time to prepare. You must plan and practice, so if and when the actual event occurs, you’ll be less likely to panic and make potentially grave errors. If possible, it’s advisable to flee cities where the highest levels of violence occurred during the summer, Portland, Seattle, New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Washington DC, etc. If you can’t get out, then be prepared. An ample supply of food (14 dqys), water, household goods, first aid and pharmaceuticals, medical products and some cash, would be the minimum required to ride out the storm. Self-defense items should be obtained, trained on and ample ammo should be acquired. You should analize your daily patterns to insure that you can avoid potential hotspots and places where violence is most likely to be centered. Police stations, city halls, retail shops are all likely to be targets. You should avoid going out at night and avoid routes in your car that could be subject to blockage. If you wind up in the middle of a violent crowd while in your vehicle, do not under any circumstances stop moving or flee your vehicle. A moving target is always harder to attack than a stationary one. Try to slowy move through the crowd, but if you’re attacked, do not hesitate to floor the acceleartor and get out of danger. Your life and those of your family mean nothing to these people. Next week, I plan to never leave my home unarmed. Whatever your means of self-defense, plan to have it on your person until at least one week after the election. We’re dealing with an organized and determined plot to destroy the country. The interesting part is that the country has been doing its best to self-immolate for decades. If the left had simply waited patiently, eventually they would have had their way. But now, they’ve antagonized and outraged the normies. And the normies are not going to sit around waiting to be attacked or eliminated. Remember forewarned is forearmed. Hopefully, I’m all wrong and none of this comes to pass. But based upon recent history, it’s certainly wise to prepare and plan. And that’s all I’m asking you to do.