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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Dec 19, 2019

All of the current democrat presidential candidates are unelectable and are fake candidates. They have absolutely no chance of beating Trump. And the Dem Party knows this and have chosen these people for exactly this reason. The top 4 candidates, Biden, Sanders, Warren and Buttigieg have been unwittingly or perhaps knowlingly recruited to split the vote, insuring that no candidate heading into the convention will have the necessary 1990 delegates to clinch the nomination. This allows the true insider pick to emerge from behind the curtain and assume their rightful place as the nominee. The only question is will it be Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz or Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf.  We rate the odds of each one being selected. The governors are probably best situated to help recover the Midwest blue collar voter. But is it enough and are the Dems thinking that rationally? Let’s see what happens next.