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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

May 20, 2018

Our last headline on the subject Screw Q (anon) was a little click-baitish. We apologize if you mistook Dr. Jerome Corsi's opinion for ours. As we've said on numerous occasions, we're not taking anyone's words as true without a close analysis, especially an anonymous intel insider who may or may not exist.

But upon close inspection of his posts, we're more inclined to believe most of them, than not. Some of the interpretations by so-called anons or autists must be looked at even closer. It's like reading the Nostradamus Quatrains. Sometimes they can be interpreted to mean just about anything. For example, the idea that there are 20 plus thousand sealed indictments related to a wholesale Deep State cleaning cannot be proven and is probably off the wall. We personally ran reports in a number of Federal District Courts and found a slight increase in sealed cases. However, that doesn't mean that certain key people aren't in the process of being indicted, simply that the numbers don't prove the case. 

And watch what happens when these powers that bee finally understand that the jig is up. Expect a whole of suiciding and clearing of the decks, just like they did in the movie Casino. Because when it comes to somebody talking and spilling the beans, well you just never know. And who can take a chance?