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Sep 16, 2016

Trump's strategy from the beginning was to out work Hillary because he's known from the beginning that Hillary was #sickhillary. The rumors about her health have been running rampant for months, if not years. And the non-stop coughing fits have been going for the better part of a year. 

Take a look at the new site

I personally know the medical group that Hillary's doctor belongs to. I used to go there for treatment. A very high quality medical group. They are cutting edge. 

The FDA wants to shut down the vaping industry. A booming sector of the economy that's growing like crazy all over the country. The only players left will be big tobacco. 

BART is trying to combat the urban problem of chronic urination. Good luck there. Too many scummy people and the progressives just don't see a problem. But leave it to BART to find a solution. Maybe.

Amazingly more guns seem to have brought less murders. A look at should help dispel any doubts on the topic.