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Torq Resources Identifies 7 New Porphyry Targets with Michael Henrichsen

May 6, 2023

We received a major sponsor update from Torq Resources’ (🇺🇸TRBMF -- 🇨🇦TORQ) Chief Geological Officer Michael Henrichsen. The news was beyond good. Torq just identified 7 porphyry targets at their Santa Cecilia project, several of them are at or near surface. Now the issue is where to drill first. Henrichsen says they’ll start with the targets closest to surface. That way Torq can get the most out of its current 15,000-meter drill program. Henrichsen is flying to Chile to personally oversee the next moves.

The project owes much of its success to Torq’s top notch Chilean team. They were able to facilitate and close the Santa Cecilia acquisition during the height of the pandemic. They hit the ground running and results are coming in. There’s good reason to be excited. In 2012, two holes were drilled. One yielded an impressive 869 meters of .2% copper along with significant moly and gold presence. The project remained in a dormant state until Torq picked it up. It’s directly adjacent to Barrick/Newmont’s Norte Abierto project. Obviously, the neighbors looking on with extreme interest.

Two drills are already on site at the Cerro del Medio target. Torq is moving fast as the upcoming winter drilling hiatus is near. Henrichsen’s excitement was clearly palpable, “…it's a dream for us to have a project of this magnitude. I mean honestly to have it in a junior is kind of amazing, you know? …we’ve got to manage that, right? Like it's fantastic, but it's also big… We've got to communicate to everybody, like we're going to drill the best, we’ve got to do that work and get that drill in the right place, the sooner the better,” he stated.

More news is ahead as drill results start coming in. Torq is a company moving in the right direction.

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