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Aug 25, 2020

When we last spoke with Trilogy Metals CEO Tony Giardini, the company was anxiously awaiting US Government approval of its 120 mile road connecting its Ambler Mining District with the famed Dawson Highway. That approval was the only thing standing between Trilogy and developing this huge mining district. And finally, after numerous delays, the approval came through and the project was green-lighted. 

The recently released feasibility study gives a glimpse of what's in store. 

  • Pre-tax Net Present Value (“NPV”)8% of $1.6 Billion and an Internal Rate of Return (“IRR”) of 31% for the base case.
  • After-tax NPV8% of $1.1 Billion and after-tax IRR of 27% for the base case.
  • At current spot metals prices of $2.94/lb copper, $1.09/lb zinc, $0.89/lb lead, $2,001/oz gold and $28.89/oz silver, the pre-tax NPV8% is $1.8 Billion and IRR is 33.8% and after-tax NPV8% is $1.3 Billion and IRR is 29.6%.

As shown above there's billions in copper, zinc, lead, silver and gold just waiting to be realized. And that's without taking the massive exploration potential into account. With $145 million in the bank and global partner South 32, the road ahead is indeed paved with riches. 

Trilogy Website

Ticker symbol TMQ on the TSX and NYSE