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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

May 10, 2020

We talked with our sponsor, Trilogy Metals's new CEO Tony Giardini about the latest developments. Tony has the required skill-set to see this massive project on to completion. Most recently with a stint as CEO at Ivanhoe Mines, and before that EVP and CFO at Kinross, he brings decades of experience with similar large scale remote projects to Trilogy.

As Janice Stairs, Trilogy's Chair of the Board said, "... We will greatly benefit from his wealth of experience with joint ventures and large capital projects, his proven track record of building and leading successful teams, his capital raising expertise, and his track record of executing strategies that increase shareholder value..."

Next on the agenda is getting approval for the needed road that will connect the project to the Dawson Highway, which will set the stage for the mine buildout and eventual production. When asked about the recent copper price decline's affect on Trilogy, Tony indicated little concern. Production is a ways off and no matter what, the world is going to need more copper. Trilogy's cost of production will be in line with the lowest cost producers, making it profitable even at today's prices. And of course there are the credits that will accrue from gold and other metals that are present in abundant quantities at the project.

The road permit could be issued in just weeks and that will be a game changer for Trilogy. It should be a major catalyst for the stock too. Then we can expect major progress towards construction of the road and the eventual completion of the mine. All in all a great place to be.