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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Oct 31, 2019

The recent vaping scare has been caused by illegal black market THC cartridges. I has nothing to do with nicotine vapors. There's no high school vaping epidemic. While huge numbers of kids are experimenting, very few are becoming smokers. Less than 3 percent of all vapers are children and less 1 percent of the total papers are children. The banning of the flavors will do nothing to reduce nicotine use. The absence of the flavors will hurt people trying to give up cigarettes. It's the Classic Baptist Bootlegger Scenario. Banning vaping will put the vape shops out of business. They provide high quality products at low prices. Big tobacco is lobbying to ban flavors to protect their business. There’s an estimated 10-12 million adult vapers who’ve used them to quit smoking. So what's more of a threat to public health, vaping or smoking?