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Sep 7, 2021

We sat down with sponsor Tier One Silver’s management team to discuss the just released results of Curibaya’s first ever drill hole. According to Peter Dembicki (President & CEO) the hole represents a major targeting breakthrough. While it didn’t intersect the underlying feeder structure, the data obtained has been utilized in the fourth hole, which has crossed multiple feeder structures. Highly experienced Exploration SVP David Smithson is quite confident that this hole is going to be significant. The modeling and drill processes utilized at Curibaya are extremely dynamic and hole one’s results have been crucial to determining hole four’s drilling trajectory.

However, some things just can’t be controlled, like assay lab turnaround time. While delays have continued, the team has kept up its breakneck pace. They’re now sending the lab smaller 150-meter samples to help speed things along. The plan moving ahead is focused on 5 identified feeder structures that have shown high-grade on surface. The existing permit is being modified to allow drilling on a dry river bed lying between the Madre and Sama feeders. Other permit changes will allow Tier One to pursue newly mapped structures that also have high-grade on surface.

To Co-Chair Ivan Bebeck, these results are leading to exactly what’s been promised, a major new discovery which will drive the company’s existing stock price many times higher. Upcoming news will end the market’s indifference to the company. As he has said many times before, “The bigger you look for something, the harder it is to get there…The system is real, the rocks are real, the mineralization is real…everything they want to see is there, and it’s better than they thought it would be. This is absolutely a real system.” The first hole is the most important one, as it sets the tone for the entire project; Bebek believes this is just the beginning of a great run.

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