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May 10, 2012 presents:

16 year old Elijah Johnson, a home-schooled high school student from Ohio, recently had an epiphany. He realized the world's monetary system is totally corrupt, and every dollar has been borrowed into existence. How has this high-schooler learned more in his brief existence than most of the world's politicians and central bankers? Perhaps, we should allow only home schooled individuals into positions of political and economic power. We certainly couldn't do worse than we already have. When we see how young minds excel, once they've been freed from the chains of indoctrination and false teaching, we understand how young adults like Elijah truly are the hope of the world. It is unfortunate that by the time Elijah reaches an age where his wisdom could help lead the nation and the world, the current monetary and economic crisis will have long since played out. But perhaps there's someone a few years ahead of Elijah who's available now and can lead us in our moment of darkness. 

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