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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Apr 7, 2022

If you’re passionate about coffee and investing, then you’ll definitely want to tune in to this episode. I chat with Josh Ziegelbaum from Legacy Group, an organization that looks at investing in worthy companies to generate profits. Josh is currently focused on the coffee sector, and is partnered with Green Coffee Company in Columbia. He is implementing innovative technology to improve their practices and provide more opportunities to workers, and their coffee ranks very high in the industry. Listen in for more information about what he’s doing, and what it’s like to invest in a venture like this.

-Head of IR at Legacy Group
-Looks at investing in worthy companies to generate profits; he is currently focused on Colombia, particularly in the coffee sector with Green Coffee Company
-Coffee processes differ in various parts of the world, and in Colombia, the coffee beans are hand-picked
-They use older farming practices and don’t provide formal employment to those working on the farm
-Ziegelbaum’s company is using innovative technology to improve their practices
-They’re giving them an outlet to sell their coffee at fair prices
-Their coffee is rated in the 80s, which presents great opportunity for investors
-Limited partners get direct investment opportunities

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