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Jul 7, 2022

Have we already reached a recession? As the economy slows down and people begin to stop purchasing, it seems as if this is the case. Here to discuss this is John Rubino from Dollar Collapse, and he unpacks the current decline of the global economy—expanding beyond the US and touching all markets. Things are only going to get messier, so tune in to hear what to expect in the near future.

-Gold and silver are getting decimated, and everything else seems to be getting decimated worse—such as oil
-The economy is slowing down; people are buying less stuff because prices have increased astronomically
-We are possibly in a recession already
-The dollar is going up relative to other currencies; the European bank was forced to tighten, and yields started to go up
-Their plan was to tighten German bonds, and they are going to keep financing deficits
-Investors have to figure out how to allocate their money based on what the economy of the world is going to do going forward
-By the end of this year, there is a chance that we will be back in easing mode
-This is just like what has happened the last three/four times around, but on a bigger scale
-In many areas of the world, we’re seeing food riots
-Things are going to continue to get very messy
-A lot more people are probably going to come out and vote in this midterm election

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