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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Aug 4, 2023

Kerry Lutz interviewed Martin Armstrong about his new book on De-Dollarization and its potential impact on global financial markets. Armstrong argued that the US dollar's dominance is backed by deep financial markets and that the creation of a BRICS currency is unlikely to replace it. He also discussed the geopolitical factors at play, including the Biden administration's removal of Russia from Swift and the impact on globalization. Armstrong suggested that the de-dollarization trend is driven by geopolitical factors rather than deficits, and that the US cannot continue to threaten China and Russia while expecting them to lend money to buy bullets to shoot them.

The conversation also touched on the banking crisis and interest rates, with Armstrong explaining that the primary problem is that interest rates were kept artificially low for too long in Europe, resulting in pension funds and banks losing 30-40% of their capital. They also discussed investment strategies in the current market, including diversifying into tangible assets like real estate, antique coins, and art. The conversation briefly touched on the use of drones in the Ukraine war and the desire for war among certain political figures.