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Jul 28, 2012 presents

In the words of that great philosopher and generally gifted stock picker, Mo Mentum, "Just because you have a heart attack doesn't mean you're gonna die." And just because a stock is trading at its 52 week low, doesn't mean that the stock will be going bankrupt or will never go up again. There's a saying on Wall Street that, Every Dog Has Its Day. Which goes to the fundamental question, do you purchase a stock that's gone up and hope that it keeps going up, or do you look for a stock that's been beaten down and hope that it will return to its former valuation? If you're a value guy, you look at the former. 

This weeks picks:

1) DMND (Diamond Foods); 2) IGT (International Gaming Technology); 3) BTU (Peabody Energy); 4) SVU (Supervalu).

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