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Jan 17, 2022

As time goes on, it becomes more clear that the inflationary situation is already dire, and is only going to get worse. Here to speak on this is Peter Schiff, who sheds light on these circumstances. We got away with printing money for a bit because all of it went into the stock market, but it seems that the markets are overvalued and US stocks are not as valuable in an international context. For more information on these issues, be sure to tune in.

-The current reality is that we’re experiencing very bad inflation that is going to get much worse
-Every other currency has inflated as bad/worse than the dollar
-For a while, we got away with printing money because all of this money went into the stock market
-Our markets are grossly overvalued, and the world wants to get rid of US stocks
-We have large deficits
-The house of cards economy that the Fed built cannot withstand high interest rates
-With all of the Fed’s responsibilities, something has to give
-The Fed is concerned about the loss of wealth when the stock market goes down
-It’s important to own dividend paying, income earning stocks
-The best place to invest is outside the US—the value stocks are much better values
-It’s important to own other assets that do well with inflation (i.e. energy, metals, agriculture etc.)
-The Fed is not going to fight inflation; inflation is going to win by default

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