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Dec 1, 2021

Volume was up dramatically on Black Friday, which is incredibly interesting—I sit down and chat with Gil Baumgarten to discuss this as well as inflation, and trends in the stock market. In terms of buying stocks, Baumgarten’s company tends to look for lower yielding ones and has great technique for finding them. Tune in for more.

-We had a real Black Friday last Friday—volume was up dramatically
-All of the buys and sells are algorithmically generated
-The reality of inflation is starting to set in and people are becoming concerned
-It is always better to average up
-Baumgarten’s company would prefer to buy low yielding stocks
-Apple is not keeping up with inflation—it is yielding 2.2%
-Tesla is 5-10 years ahead of everyone else in terms of technology; it’s a computer on wheels
-Sometimes the price of the stock makes it not an investment but a gambler’s speculation
-Buying the VIX is a good idea, but don’t hang on to it for a long time

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