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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

May 19, 2022

I sit down and chat with James West, who is currently writing about some of the effects on the price of gold—effects which all tie to the inflation our economy is undergoing. This is not a natural phenomenon by any means, and is ultimately tied to the decision to print more money as a method of quantitative easing. Tune in for more valuable insights.

-In Washington State, they’re running out of gas and expecting it to hit $10/gallon
-All commodities are going to face scarcities and shortages
-James West is writing an article oriented towards the price of gold
-It’s important to understand that the inflation we’re seeing right now is not occurring by natural means
-The main reason for stimulus is to generate fees and profits; it is for quantitative easing
-A good tip is to free yourself from bank oriented debt
-Futures have become a price leading mechanism; perceptions of the values of commodities are based on this

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