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Nov 15, 2021

We are continually presented with this notion of ‘transitory’ inflation, which is entirely inaccurate and misleading. I sit down with Michael Pento to discuss the real driving factors of the current monetary situation, and what this is going to look like as we enter the new year. Over the last couple of years we have seen $6 trillion handed out to increase consumption, but the balance increase is going to be $0 in 2022. Will the markets be able to survive in these conditions? Tune in to find out more.

-The notion of ‘transitory’ inflation is focus group driven and is not realistic
-Thanksgiving Turkey alone this year could be over $100 for ten people
-The central bank was finally able to launch modern monetary theory—borrowing money from the treasury, giving it to consumers, and printing it all
-Countries like Israel are experiencing hyper-inflation
-Next year, this will probably melt down
-We have a fiscal and monetary cliff heading into 2022
-There is going to be a crash in asset prices
-You may see a crash in real estate bonds outside of treasuries which could cause inflation to crash all at once
-In 2 years, $6 trillion was handed out to increase consumption, and the balance increase is going to be $0 in 2022
-The stock market will most likely look like it did in 2018, and crumble in a month or two
-2022 is going to look nothing like the previous two years
-Inflation is a monetary phenomenon—it’s not what happens as a result of shortages
-Is the Fed going to let all these markets collapse?
-We are probably headed towards a blockchain currency managed by the Fed—there wouldn’t even have to be a treasury
-Real interest rates are not going to go much higher
-Gold is going to trade much more towards the level of real interest rates
-China saved the global economy to a great extent in 2008 with construction projects, but they can’t do that again
-No one country will be able to save us from what’s happening in 2022

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